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Thrilled with results

I have found him to be professional, thorough, attentive and extremely skilled in his work.

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Getting the Right Professional Recommendation

I receive Hydrafacials now and have been very happy with the results.

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Mommy Makeover -  38 years old -  Droopy Breasts After Nursing

​I absolutely could not be happier with my entire experience

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Breast Implant and Facelift Surgery

He is thorough in responding to questions.

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Liposuction at Ohio Clinic

Dr. Wojtanowski was very friendly, knowledgeable and professional.

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My body is beautifully proportionate

​I had a breast lift with implants

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I couldn’t be happier

My body is beautifully proportionate.

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CoolSculpting Difference. Westlake, OH

I only had this done once and the results were subtle, yet I could notice. My stomach has always been a problem area. What I liked best about OhioClinic and Dr. Wojtanowski is that they helped me determine what procedure was best for me.

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50yo - Westlake, OH

My surgery experience was a positive one. Dr Wojtanowski made me feel at ease and spent a lot of time answering all my questions. The facility was very clean and the staff was very professional.

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Upper Lid Blepharoplasty - Westlake, OH

At 48, I started noticing that putting eyeliner on my upper lids required me to pull my eyelid up to get a good result. It occurred to me I might benefit from having some of that heaviness alleviated. Dr. Wojtanowski was phenomenal. He gave me the attention I needed and answered all of my questions. I felt educated from the moment I sat down with him and his staff.

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