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And the top procedure is…...

Everyone likes a top 5 list. Here are the most common plastic surgery procedures women and men want.

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Plastic Surgery Across the Border

Location matters when choosing where you are getting plastic surgery.  Here is Dr. Michael Wojtanowski's perspective on why it continually proves to be a mistake to travel abroad for plastic surgery.

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7 things to consider when deciding on plastic surgery

You wouldn't buy a home or a car without some major considerations and this is the same for plastic surgery. 

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Liposuction Recovery Tricks

With any plastic surgery procedure, we want results as soon as possible, but the reality is that it takes time. For liposuction, it's a process, but you can move it along with a few tips.

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Why a Consultation Fee?

It’s rare that you go to any doctor’s office for a free visit. In some cases, you may see a doctor for a very short amount of time. There is still a cost. Why?

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2022 Plastic Surgery

It used to be that you could predict the busiest times of the year for plastic surgery, but after COVID and new hybrid schedules, Cleveland Plastic Surgeon Dr. Michael Wojtanowski and surgeons across the country are seeing  a nonstop, steady flow.

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How the pandemic changed our views on plastic surgery

The pandemic did one thing for sure. It changed the face of plastic surgery. It changed how people view themselves. See why some are more willing to get a procedure.

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The Kardashian Factor

The Kardashians. They have changed the face of plastic surgery. Is it all good though?

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