Bye Bye Dry Skin

It happens every year. Your skin is dry, and you can’t wait for spring. Millions of Americans are feeling it.

So, what to do in the meantime. The answer is this. Give your skin some love and a sip of hydration.

During the winter months and sadly even into spring (this is Ohio after all) we dial up the heat, take long hot showers and expose our skin to the elements which includes cold temperatures and low humidity. Essentially, we are drying our skin inside our homes as well as outside where the wind is whipping, and the temperatures are dipping.

Our normal skin care routines just won’t do.  Our skin needs extra attention.

Here are some tips and remember, the key is consistency.

  1. Simplify your skincare routine. Use gentle cleaners and moisturizers during the day and at night, you may consider a more emollient moisturizing product. (Ohio Clinic carries many!) It might serve you well to ease up on toners and facial scrubs. Over exfoliating is not good for dry skin. And always use SPF.
  2. Slather on lip balm. Lips are sometimes the first place we feel cracked dry areas.
  3. Avoid hot water and long hot showers. Keep your showers shorter and cooler, or at least warm. Moisturize immediately after.
  4. Invest in a humidifier and keep it on overnight in your bedroom. Your skin will thank you as the air will be dewier.
  5. Drink water. It’s well documented that being well hydrated shows on your skin. Also consider eating foods high in antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids.
  6. Cover up your hands. Wear gloves and continually slather them with moisturizer.

If you are committed and take actionable steps, you will see a difference, one that will get you through until spring!

Stop in at Ohio Clinic to peruse our extensive collection of skin care lines that will moisturize and restore your dry skin.  Our skin care expert will guide you on the best treatments and products for your skin and how to use them.


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