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A popular choice for women who want to look and feel more attractive and confident.

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Breast enhancement or breast augmentation is a popular plastic surgery procedure for those wanting to make their breasts look larger and more proportionate to the rest of their body. The medical term for this procedure is mammoplasty. Breast augmentation in Cleveland is a popular surgery choice for those who want to restore their breasts’ shape and size. Dr. Michael Wojtanowski, a board-certified plastic surgeon, uses silicone and saline implants which come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

There are many reasons people choose breast augmentation:

Patients who have undergone breast augmentation say they look better in their clothes and feel more confident and youthful looking. Some patients choose to do a breast lift in conjunction with a breast augmentation procedure for optimum results. As with any plastic surgery procedure, each patient is different, and surgery is customized for their needs and desires.

Types of breast implants

Dr. Michael Wojtanowski is considered one of the best doctors for breast augmentation in Cleveland. He has been performing the procedure for many decades. During your consultation, Dr. Wojtanowski will review the customized treatment plan for you based on your goals and your anatomy . You will also receive a copy of the FDA breast implant check list for your review.

There are two types of breast implants he uses:

Natrelle® Saline-Filled Breast Implants

Natrelle® Silicone-Filled Breast Implants (Cohesive Gel or Gummy Implants)

Both are products of Allergan, a trusted name in the aesthetic industry. A patient has many choices in size and shape of the implants.

Breast Enhancement Surgery

Patients who are in good health and do not smoke have the best outcomes. It is also important that they have realistic expectations. The procedure is done in our outpatient surgical facility, Surgiplex, which is conveniently located adjacent to our office in Westlake, Ohio.

Dr. Wojtanowski makes an incision to create a pocket which will hold the implant. The implant will be placed in one of two areas: underneath the pectoral muscle or on top of this muscle. The decision is based on your anatomy and Dr. Wojtanowski’s professional medical recommendation.

Performed under general anesthesia, the preferred incision is a small, short incision placed in the natural crease or breast fold under the breast.

Breast Augmentation Recovery

Recovery time is a big question people have as they take time off from work and their activities. Here is what you can expect right after surgery:

You may feel stiff during the first week of recovery and external sutures will be removed after about a week. Patients must refrain from lifting, pulling or pushing anything or any strenuous activity until you are cleared to do so by Dr. Wojtanowski.

Average Cost of Breast Implants in Ohio

Cost is a key factor for many patients and at Ohio Clinic, we offer many payment options to finance surgery. Breast augmentation surgery fees include those for:

There are warranties available for breast implants which is another consideration for patients since breast implants are not designed to last forever. Our patient coordinator can explain all the details involving costs, and options for payment. Often if you decide to have another procedure such as a breast lift, there are considerations made.

If you are looking for a breast augmentation or breast enlargement in Cleveland, Ohio, remember with a surgery as important as this one, you don’t want cost to be your main factor. You want one of the best doctors for breast augmentation and Dr. Wojtanowski is one of them.

Are you looking for a top Cleveland plastic surgeon for a breast augmentation / enhancement surgery? We serve northeast Ohio for breast augmentation procedures. Follow the links on this page to request more information or request a consultation. 

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