New Anti Aging Products at Ohio Clinic

At Ohio Clinic, we strive to bring our clients the very latest products based on cutting edge research.  We are excited to bring you two new powerful anti-aging solutions available now.

C-Stem is a 7 solution serum that battles the aging process in several ways. C-Stem contains Vitamin C (Tetrahexyldecly ascorbate) Lilac Stem Cells, Marine Algae Extract and Undaria Algae Extract. This is the newest addition to Dr. Wojtanowski’s exclusive skin care line, ECIN.

C-Stem combats signs of visible skin aging, diminishes the appearance of nose to mouth creases and brightens skin tone. The formula reactivates 14 genes that are responsible for the production for collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid and helps to reduce the aging protein Progerin.

The neck area is one of the first areas that shows signs of aging. Nectifirm, created by Revision Skincare, has been formulated to address these changes exclusively as the ingredients are designed specifically for the neck area.
 Nectifirm’s unique formulation contains a new peptide blend that helps skin appear denser, firmer and smoother. This product also contains antioxidants,  ceramide/peptide blends and blends of bamboo, silica, English Pea extract and glucosamine.
Those who have used it say it firms, lifts and reduces the appearance of crepey skin.

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