CoolSculpting Difference. Westlake, OH

I only had this done once and the results were subtle, yet I could notice. My stomach has always been a problem area. What I liked best about OhioClinic and Dr. Wojtanowski is that they helped me determine what procedure was best for me. I actually thought I was a candidate for a tummy tuck but, they said based on my skin elasticity and amount of fat that CoolSculpting would be a better option, especially if I did it twice for more of a result. Undoubtely it is subtle, but I notice. I recommend Ohio Clinic and Dr. Wojtanowski's office for a professional consultation with more than adequate information and education. It made me feel valued and that I made an educated decision. They are what we expect in great service and respect. I want to get my husband in now. 😊

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