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Breast implant Lift and replacement

I found my doctor today!!!! I have been exhausted with consultations. I leave for vacation Saturday and this is now off my chest. No pun intended. I lost lots of weight back in 2014/2015. I continue to make self improvements with muscle gain, had a mini tummy tuck back in 2015. Nothing can fix excess and stretched out skin. Well my breasts are no different. The more I looked in the mirror, I could see ripples because of my thin breast tissue. I got well educated today at my consultation. The one I went to, did not even know if my implants were under the muscle and he has a high ranking. Not very cozy choosing him and I did not like his demeanor or my treatment. This doctor is educated and humble and experienced. I knew when he first walked in my quest was over. I was meant to wait for a reason.I can enjoy my vacation now. October 6th is the big day!!! Dr. Wojtanowski is my choice and I will trust the process, abide the rules and precautions and heal, heal, heal... Not going to the gym is just temporary. I will be back! I want to thank this site and all the beautiful women on here. I am still on board because of all the posts and questions and pictures. Thank you all!!

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