Brand Fatigue

Be wary when you walk into a skin care facility and see so many brands that your head spins. A good skin care facility will have their medical professionals and medical staff research product lines long before they ever grace the shelves of their facility.

A place that truly specializes in good skin care will not look like a big box beauty store. They will have a select number of product lines that are tested to be safe and effective and produce results that surpass over the counter products. It’s why medical facilities can carry better products. They are physician grade and don’t let anyone tell you that it’s the same as something they bought at a drugstore. We are not saying that there are not good products at a drug store, but many physician grade products carry with it loads of research and  tests that offer a credibility and result unsurpassed by over the counter offerings.

At Ohio Clinic, we don’t take our skin care offerings lightly. We have carried many lines for over 20 years. We stand by Obagi, Skin Medica, Skin Ceuticals, Revision, Latisse, Revitalash and Dr. Wojtanowski’s skincare line, ECIN.

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