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Dr. Michael Wojtanowski recently attended the University of Toronto’s Breast and Aesthetic Conference; he participated in various discussions about breast augmentation, one of the most common cosmetic surgery procedures in the world.

Many of the seminars and talks centered around the latest updated techniques of breast  enlargement surgery including the customization of the procedure to an individual’s anatomy to create the optimal and most natural cosmetic result.

Women choose breast surgery for a variety of reasons and at Ohio Clinic in Cleveland. In addition to Dr. Wojtanowski’s specialization and expertise in facial cosmetic surgery, Dr. Wojtanowski specializes in breast augmentation, breast lifts and breast reduction surgeries. They all are performed under general anesthesia and patients have many choices.

For example, those desiring enlargement will discuss with the doctor sizing that compliments anatomy and type of implant, saline or gel which is a preference of the patient. Some patients, including many mothers who have breast fed or have found their breasts sag with age or weight fluctuations, choose to also undergo a breast lift with the enlargement to return their breasts back to a pre-pregnancy look.

Breast reduction is another type of surgery for those who have struggled with breasts that are too large and heavy and often effect posture and may contribute to back issues.

Breast surgery is not exclusive to women. For men, there is gynecomastia, a surgery that can help reduce the size of a male’s breast that may be caused by an imbalance of hormones. This is a successful procedure that can restore confidence and self image.

Many patients are concerned about scarring, recuperation and longevity of the results. Each individual is different but on average, patients can expect initial recovery to take 1 -2 weeks with continued improvements over several months to a year. Scarring is present, but minimal and improves with time. A consultation can help a person truly understand what the surgery will entail for their individual situation.

Dr. Wojtanowski has performed thousands of plastic surgery procedures in Cleveland.

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