Where do you buy your skin care products?  IT MATTERS

Here's a secret.

At Ohio Clinic of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery in Cleveland, we consult and treat many patients who are concerned about their skin health. When you visit our staff at Ohio Clinic, you’re being treated by extensively trained Paramedical Aestheticians, and are under the direct supervision of Board Certified, Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Michael H. Wojtanowski. Not only will you receive the best treatments and products based on your skin concerns, you will receive education on the results possible and product line, including information on why it was recommended for you and in what order to apply the products for optimal penetration.

In the past, we have heard from patients that have purchased skin care products online or over-the-counter through retail stores and have been frustrated with the authenticity, lack of results or allergic reactions. While retail stores carry “trendy” products, they won’t be as effective as the medical grade products you would purchase from the Ohio Clinic.  The reason we provide only medical grade products, is that medical grade skin care is formulated with efficacy as the main goal with active ingredients at the top of the list. The products are run through extensive clinical testing to prove that they can do what they claim to do.

All of the Skin care lines we carry at Ohio Clinic have higher amounts of active ingredients than any over-the-counter product. Active ingredients are the main factors that cause the improvement in your skin.  Not only are active ingredients important, the formula used for developing a product plays a huge role in its effectiveness. Many retail manufacturers use inexpensive methods and ingredients to maintain low cost. Furthermore, in a recent product testing study, an un-authentic product was tested against the “same” authentic product from an online retailer and was found to have many toxic and deadly ingredients like cyanide, arsenic and formaldehyde. While medical grade skin care in a physician’s office may have a slightly higher price tag, the products are developed to a higher standard with higher quality formulations and active ingredients to provide the most effective results.

When purchasing skin care products from un-authorized retailers or unlicensed individuals, clients are taking the biggest gamble with their skin. Many skin care lines that are formulated by “Physicians” claim to offer similar results and that is alternative facts. If the skin care sold at your facial party or by that “friend” was Medical grade, it would only be allowed to be distributed in a Physician’s office. The reason being is that the active ingredients in the Medical grade skin care sold are based on pharmaceutical ingredients that can only be dispensed under Physician supervision. At Ohio Clinic, you can trust that we put the utmost care and thought into our client’s skin concerns and choose products and services based on the least chance of adverse reaction and most effective results possible. We offer complimentary skin care analysis just for you. Call anytime at 440-808-9321 for a customized appointment.

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