Why the consultation is vital

Book the consultation. You will be glad you did.

At Ohio Clinic, we emphasize the value of a consultation to discuss the goals you are trying to achieve.

There is so much information on the internet and many patients think they know exactly what procedure they need to achieve their desired result. In many cases, they are right, but often times when they meet with Dr. Wojtanowski, they find out that another procedure would be a better option or a combination of procedures. Still, in other cases, some patients find out that their best approach may be a nonsurgical route.

This is why a board certified plastic surgeon’s training is so crucial. An experienced plastic surgeon is going to offer his/her expertise based on their experience, your anatomy and your lifestyle.

Here’s an example. A patient may come in desiring liposuction, claiming they have done all the research and this is their decision. Yet, after a thorough exam, the doctor advises the patient that the minimal amount of fat they are concerned about could be removed through a series of CoolSculpting treatments.

Conversely, a patient may come in desiring CoolSculpting for their abdomen, but learn that to achieve their desired result, they are a better candidate for a tummy tuck.

This happens with facial procedures as well. Hypothetical. A patient comes in with severe sun damage and wants a face lift. The doctor advises that based on their anatomy and lifestyle, they consider a mini facelift and book a series of chemical peels to remove some of the aging sun damage.

At Ohio Clinic, we have a rather large tool box full of so many options to make you look and feel younger, better and more confident. Consult with Dr. Wojtanowski to choose the right tool.

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