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We are always asked questions about plastic surgery procedures. Each month we will strive to educate you on some of the more frequent inquiries.

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How do I know when is the "right" time for a face lift?

The right time to consider surgery is when you are looking in the mirror and are seeing sagging jowls and neck. It’s when you cannot wear a turtleneck or for men, when you cannot tie a tie because the neck hangs over.

People come in for consultations when they have a tired look all of the time even though they are eating right, exercising and taking care of their health and skin.

Are all facelifts the same?

No. Everyone’s face is different. Just like a good suit, a face lift should be customized and tailored to your individual anatomy.  

How long is recovery?

Outpatient surgery ,bandage overnight, out and about in a week,, ideal away from work and nosy friends about two weeks.

Will there be tell tale stitches?

No. Suture techniques are customized to place incisions in proper anatomical locations so they are not visible once healed. Customized suture techniques with properly placed incisions make these surgeries not detectable.

Why does my friend look more refreshed and she is 5 years younger? 

Everyone ages differently. Genetics play a huge role as do excessive sun, alcohol and smoking.

Couldn't I just get fillers to "buy" time?

Fillers will be of value as are many other nonsurgical treatments such as Thermage which is a non surgical skin tightening treatment.

I'm nervous about looking too pulled or overdone.

Properly executed cosmetic surgery should look natural and not be detectable. You should look refreshed - like a more youthful version of yourself.

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