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We live in a world that has seen a dramatic increase in virtual meetings and fewer “in-person,” encounters. Think about it. Fewer people see us. Yet, plastic surgeon’s offices around the country are reporting significant increases in surgical and nonsurgical procedures since they reopened their offices.  We see it too.

Sure, the obvious is that people can recover at home more privately if they are working virtually. In addition, they do not have to use ‘vacation’ days or ‘personal’ days for that recovery time. If someone is getting breast or body work done, no one would see that in a Zoom meeting, right?  Plus – and this is a big one – some facial work, not all, can be hidden with a mask! And masks are not going anywhere, anytime soon.

So, if we are seeing fewer people, why do we want to look better. Well, here’s a thought.

Instead of making us feel like we can just let ourselves go, the pandemic has us reaching deep down to identify what makes us content.

In the case of beauty, we find that patients are getting procedures that make them feel more content and confident. They are doing it for themselves. We have always encouraged our patients to make choices based on their own desires, not that of others.

Changing something about your appearance can make you stand taller, walk with more confidence and have a better outlook. Pandemic or no pandemic, that’s always a good thing as we continue to savor the silver linings.

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