Upper Lid Blepharoplasty - Westlake, OH

At 48, I started noticing that putting eyeliner on my upper lids required me to pull my eyelid up to get a good result. It occurred to me I might benefit from having some of that heaviness alleviated. Dr. Wojtanowski was phenomenal. He gave me the attention I needed and answered all of my questions. I felt educated from the moment I sat down with him and his staff.

They gave me a clear picture of what I might experience while I was recovering. The result was a very natural look and I was thrilled. Recovery is a good two weeks. Period. I had bruising that seemed to take forever, but I knew it would only get better and it did. I noticed results even after several months. It is an overall lighter appearance in my eyes and I look rested.

A month after surger, I had Dr. Wojtanowski inject Botox inthe glabella area nd had a Skin Media Peel from the Aestheticians. I felt so refreshed combining the two non surgical treatments with the surgical. I couldn't be happier.

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